3-31-18 Weather Update

Here is the latest update regarding the road conditions in the Park. What a difference a week makes!

The roads are clear. Most of the snow has melted in the meadow and on most driveways. There is still berms at the base of driveways that were not cleared and along side the roads. Most berms are not more than 1 to 2 feet high.

The temperatures are warming. There are “springs” coming up on west side of the Park, (the girls’ side), so if you go up and see water on the road it will most likely be from those springs.

There is a storm that is supposed to arrive the end of next week and into the weekend. it looks like it will be a warm storm. If it is warm, there will not be any snow.

We will not be posting any more road updates unless we have snow, so no news means there is no snow and there should be no problems accessing the Park.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, and our thanks to Wanda for compiling and distributing these timely weather updates.  Enjoy the park!


3-23-18 Road and Weather Update

 This has been another busy week in the Park and we wanted to provide you with a road conditions update. 

 There have been heavy rains for the past two days and it has been fairly warm.  The rain washed the snow off the roads and they are currently clear.  There are still berms along the side of the road.  

This storm has brought high winds and thunder and lighting into the Park.  There are currently no power outages but we have found that cell phone service seems to be affected.  People who typically receive cell phone service there are not having consistent service.  

 We are expecting snow to return to the Park tomorrow night and it should snow through Sunday.  We have drivers ready to run the plow and we will do the best we can at keeping the roads clear.  We cannot guarantee the roads will remain snow free and so you should plan accordingly. 

Please do not park on the roads as we cannot have cars blocking the roads from the snow plow.

If you choose to come up you might want to check the highway road conditions before you come as there have been preliminary reports of road problems connected to the rain in the foothills.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. 


3-16-18 Snow Update

It has been snowing since yesterday and the snow plow has been running since yesterday afternoon at 4.  We have had another driver in to assist and the plow has basically been running, nonstop, since yesterday.  The predictions are for another foot of snow to fall between now and the end of the day tomorrow so there is no relief in sight.  

There has been snow, sleet, and freezing conditions.  The roads are slick and will have varying amount of snow on them depending on where the plow is in it’s cycle.  The roads are icy.   Do not attempt to come in without a 4 wheel drive with appropriate tires, or chains.  

DO NOT PARK YOUR VEHICLE ON THE ROAD.  The plow must get through.  Park on your driveway or by the garbage dumpster.