2019 Shareholder Meeting Information and Relevant Documents

        1 ) Cover memo 

        2)  Announcement

         3) Agreement and Plan of Merger

         4)  Agreement of Merger

         5)  Certificate of Agreement (OFSRA)

         6) Certificate of Agreement (SPS)

         7)  Revised and Amended RA Bylaws

         8)  2019/2020 Preliminary Budget


April 5, 2019    Here is a recap of the current situation, and why the Board is concerned that the future of the park is in jeopardy.

Please download and read the document here.


On March 9, a Town Hall meeting was held to inform the Sierra Park community about options available regarding the future of the park, and the various options available to the governing bodies.

A copy of the Power Point presentation is available for download here.

A recap of questions and answers that came up during the subsequent discussion is being prepared, and will be posted as soon as it is completed.