A Message to All Regarding Snow Conditions

The Sierra Park Services Board would like to update our property owners and others about the current snow conditions in the Park. 

 Sierra Park had 4 feet of snow with this last storm and 24″ fell Friday night alone. We had equipment problems with our 26 year old snow plow that initially resulted in the lights not working.  Our caretaker cannot work around the clock without a break, and so we have backup drivers we contract with to keep the plow moving.  Because the plow had no lights our second or third shift drivers were unable to operate the snow plow at night.  In the meantime we were able to get an alternate plowing source but they were not able to get here until Sunday.  It was difficult to locate plowing services outside the Park as they were already working for their other customers.   

 The plow is currently inoperable due to other mechanical problems. We are doing everything we can to get the snow plow running. 

Some property owners were disappointed that the snowplow driver did not help them get unstuck. Our insurance does not allow the plow to be used as a tow vehicle since there could be damage to the vehicle being towed and the company would be liable. The driver’s job is to only plow the roads. We use contract drivers for the second and third shifts and they also will not tow vehicles.

 We understand the frustration of those of you who experienced this winter storm and were not able to get your vehicles out in a timely manner.  We will update you when the plow is fixed. As it stands, the roads are clear but more snow is possible later this week and more into next week. You should watch the weather reports and make a decision whether to come up or not, but there could be difficulties getting in or out. 

 It should be noted that cars were parked in “No Parking Areas” which made it even more difficult to clear the roads once plows were available.  Cars should not be parked on the street, at intersections, or at the “turn around” at the end of Jordan Way East.  We realize that it is easier to drive to that spot to access the toboggan run, however, it is a safety hazard and hinders snow removal from the road.

 We would like to remind everyone that those who serve on the board do so in a voluntary capacity. They are doing their best to deal with a difficult situation. It is unfair to call Board members directly to complain, threaten, or berate any of our Board members.  If you want to know the current conditions of the park, or share concerns with the Board  please use the company phone number, 209-533-7909.  The answering service will be given updates regarding current conditions in the park.  Efforts will also be made to provide current information on our website.  Messages can be sent to the Board via the Company Website at www.sierraparkservices.com or our email at sierraparkservices@gmail.com.   The Board will get back to you as soon as we can.

 This Sierra Park Services Annual Meeting will be held on May 27, 2018 at 10:30 am.  The Board will be open to hearing ideas regarding how to improve snow removal during winter months.  At some point it may be necessary to purchase newer snow removal equipment which would  be more reliable.  Such a purchase will be costly and would need to be approved by shareholder vote.  The last day to become a shareholder prior to the annual meeting is April 1st.  The necessary forms are located on the SPSC website. 

 Snow in the Park is beautiful and a joy to play in, but can create some hazards. Should you choose to come up this next weekend any time there is a snow storm, there are some things you can do to make the visit here more enjoyable in midst of a snow storm and unplowed or under-plowed roads.  

1)    Carry chains, and a shovel with you in case you get stuck — carpet scraps can help as well.
2)    Cars may not be able to navigate all roads, but can park near the garbage dumpster by the playground/picnic area or at the lake.
4)    Be prepared to remove berms from your driveway and allow extra time to do this.  SPSC does not remove berms or snow from private driveways.
5)    Bring extra food and make sure you have enough warm clothes and blankets.  It is not unusual to have the power go out in these storms.
6)    Make a “Plan B” in case you are unable to leave when you want to.  We will do everything we can to keep the roads open but there are limitations caused by mechanical problems and the intensity of some of the storms.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Board