Annual Meeting Recap

The OFSRA 2020 Annual Meeting was held Sunday, October 18th.  We conducted the meeting using ZOOM and were pleased with how it went.

Many of our shareholders sent in proxies, as we requested, and others waited to vote during the ZOOM Meeting.  We felt the meeting allowed discussion and we have a list of topics that we will pursue in a Town Hall meeting later this year when everyone can participate using the ZOOM format.

We achieved a quorum with 107 shareholders represented either via proxy or in the ZOOM meeting itself.  All proxies sent to the Board of Directors to vote, were voted in accordance with each shareholder’s wishes.    We want to thank all of our shareholders who participated in the meeting itself or by submitting their proxy in advance.  Some who voted by proxy logged into the meeting as well.

Voting Results:

The minutes from last year’s OFSRA Annual Meeting were approved by a vote of 103.  Four shareholders abstained from the vote.

The minutes from last year’s Sierra Park Services Corporation AnnualMeeting  were also approved with 98 shareholders approving them and 9 who abstained from the vote.

The OFSRA Budget for the 2020/2021 fiscal year passed with 97 of theshareholders approving it, 2 shareholders voted against it, and 4 shareholders abstained.  It should be noted that some shareholders voted both for and against the budget, and those votes were then counted as abstaining.

The OFSRA Board of Directors positions were voted upon and thefollowing individuals will serve as your 2020/2021 Board of Directors:

Michael Lechner, Heidi Ordwein, Mark Logan, Mitch Gabriel, Susie Lechner, Jesse Worsham, Lori Crivelli, and Wanda Lenhardt.  We would like to thank Dennis Johnson and William Keller for volunteering to run for the board.


After the minutes are reviewed they will be posted to the website.


We apologize to those who were not Shareholders and therefore could not participate in the meeting.  If we are allowed to meet in person next year, we will open the meeting to everyone again, both shareholders and non-shareholders as we encourage full community participation in the meetings.

Thank yous

In closing we want to thank our volunteers who made the Zoom meetingcome together with us.  Krista Lane, Allen Siewert, Marianne Gennis and Wendy Crockett assisted in weeks of planning for the meeting as well as in running the meeting itself.  We also want to thank Marianne Gennis and Wendy Crockett for being the Inspectors of the Election.

Finally, we want to thank Mark Logan who researched virtual meeting options,helped us get everyone pre-registered and then ensured the technical aspects of running the meeting were managed successfully.

We also want to acknowledge and thank Ron Edson & Jim Thompson of KAAD-LP FM radio station in Sonora for allowing us to utilize their facility to facilitate the meeting.