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We are in the process of transitioning to a new website, with a new address.  Please visit for all the latest news from the Rec Association.

Thanks to Allen Siewert and William Martin for creating the new website and transitioning operations to a new email system.  They will be tied to a Google Workspace which should make communication with the board even easier.

If you need to reach the board you can find the contacts on the new website. You can also reach them at  For gate issues please use

It has been my pleasure to provide this website for the past ten years or so.  It will eventually go away, so please bookmark the new address.

– Marianne

2023 Annual Meeting

Our 2023 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 28th.

The Annual meeting is a great place to meet your neighbors, get caught up on what’s happening at the park, and vote on important issues related to the future of the park.  Board members for the coming year will also be elected.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, you must become a shareholder by April 15th, if you are not already.  It is also necessary to be a shareholder in order to vote at the Annual Meeting.

The shareholder form can be downloaded here.    Cost to become a shareholder is $10.

All property owners are invited to be shareholders, whether or not you’re interested in running for the board.  However, if you are interested in becoming a board member, please send a short bio about yourself to the board at to be added to the ballot.  Deadline for being added to the ballot is also April 15th.