Current Road Conditions – 2/10/19 evening


I wanted to update everyone on the current road conditions at the Park. 

We had a great deal of snow come down last night and it left between 1 and 2 feet of snow on the roads.  As stated before our plow is not repaired yet.  

To make matters worse, a tree came down on Highway 108 at Sugar Pine.   Cal Trans had to come in and remove the tree from the road. 

Our contractor had other customers he had to take care of before he could come into the Park.  It was a difficult day for those in the Park who wanted to get out to get back to work and school tomorrow.  As people came through the unplowed roads, the snow became compacted and icy.  The contractor’s plow had a very difficult time scraping the ice and had to take several passes to get down to pavement.  He was only able to get as far as the dumpster on Wheeler.  He is bringing in a bigger piece of equipment tomorrow as it will do a better job of cutting through the ice.  He will run both pieces of equipment so it should go faster.  

We are hoping that our plow will be up and running by the end of the day tomorrow.  That will allow us to keep up with the potential snowfall that is forecasted to fall this week.  

It is very important that everyone drive slowly and carefully if they drive in the Park right now as the roads are very icy.

I know that internet access is difficult in the Park.  If you have family and friends who are there now and they don’t have access to this email please call them and update about what we are doing to get the roads open. 

Thank you for your patience.