Important Message to our Shareholders and Neighbors

Annual Meeting Rescheduled Once Again!

When the Board originally rescheduled our annual meeting from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, we assumed that life would be back to normal, and we’d be able to have our usual in-person gathering.

However, things did not go as hoped, and now ALL non-familial gatherings of two or more non-related persons are prohibited in Tuolumne County, except for religious ceremonies or protests. (No matter how you feel about our annual meetings, they don’t qualify!)

See the 7/13/20 Health Order at, item #4.

In light of this change, the board has had to change plans once again, and is planning a Zoom-based meeting. This will allow shareholders to attend either by internet or phone connection. We realize this is a less than ideal situation, as internet access and Zoom proficiency is variable across our membership, but we see no other choice.

In order to make this meeting as user friendly and accessible as possible, we have postponed the meeting to October 18, in order to allow us more time for advance preparation and to offer training options for those less familiar or comfortable with Zoom.

More details and information will be forthcoming soon.