Results from the 2022 Annual Meeting

The minutes from the Annual Meeting of May 30, 2021 were approved with 89 votes to approve and one shareholder abstaining.

The minutes from the August 7th Special Meeting were also approved with 87 votes to approve and 3 shareholders abstaining.

The 2022/2023 OFSRA Budget was approved with 89 shareholders voting to approve and one voting against it.

The Shareholders voted to approve the 2022/2023 Special Assessment for Fire Mitigation with 87 shareholders voting for it, 5 voting against it, and 1 shareholder abstaining.

The amount of that assessment is $150.  There were 43 votes for the $150 amount, 25 votes for $200, and 19 votes for $250.  Shareholders who want to pay a higher amount, are welcome to pay the additional amount with their Annual bill.

Your 2022/2023 Board will be:

•  Lori Crivelli

•  William Martin

•  Dennis Johnson

•  Kenneth “Scott” Myers

•  John Borges

•  Michelle Nisbet

•  Jesse Worsham

Thank you to retiring board members Heidi Ordwein, Wanda Lenhardt, and Mitch Gabriel for their years of service to the park.