Road Conditions – 1-17-19


We are all looking forward to a long holiday weekend and I wanted to give everyone an update on road conditions.   There was snow earlier in the week but the rain that followed melted all the snow.  If you go up higher on Highway 108 there is definitely snow.  

The storms brought heavy rain, high winds and a 14 hour power outage between last night and today.  Power has been resorted.  The streams and springs are flowing well.  

I can’t guarantee what will happen tonight or through the weekend but as of right now the roads are very wet but open without snow.  Once the storm passes through they will become icy at night when it freezes.  There has also been some fog on the highway so be careful if you travel to the Park this weekend.  Please watch the weather forecasts for updated weather conditions.  

The gate has been secured in the open position due to the rain and high winds.  We didn’t want the wind to push the gate into a vehicle as it passes through.  Once the storms have passed we will close the gate again. 

Thanks to Heidi and Bill for the most current information on the storms and road conditions!