Road Conditions – as of 1/4/19

We’re expecting snow/rain this Saturday through Monday and then again the following weekend. Roads will be slippery and possibly icy, we’re experiencing temperatures in the 20’s over night. We are also expecting high winds so there could be tree limbs down and also power outages. Contact your weather station and log into zip code 95346 or 95335 for our local weather.

If you are coming up to the Park please come prepared for winter weather.  The current predictions are for the snow level to be around 4000 feet which means we will have snow.  We are prepared for the snow with our caretaker ready to plow the roads and backup drivers ready as well.  We won’t notify about the road conditions again within the next week or so unless there are problems keeping the roads open. 

Also, we have had “squatters” in the Park who damaged a home.  It is important that we remain aware of our surroundings, those who come in behind us at the gate, and vehicles that we don’t usually see.