Road/Weather Update 2/15/19

The most recent storm has begun and today we had about a foot of snow.  

The plowing service was able to get started on plowing.  I know that Wheeler and Jordan Way East and Jordan Way West were both plowed.  I spoke with Heidi and the plowing was continuing as the plow was on Abraham.  They will be back tomorrow.  

This storms are scheduled to continue through Sunday and the plowing service will continue was well.  If you are unable to park at your cabin you can park at the lake or in the parking area across from the dumpster. 

Please drive slowly as the roads are going to be very icy.  People may we walking their dogs, going to the toboggan run, or looking for an open space to build a snowman.  Kids do not understand that vehicles cannot stop quickly on an icy road and the berms will make it difficult for people walking to get out of the way of a car that is sliding.  If you are going for a walk please be careful as well.  

Thank you for your cooperation.