Road Work

We have arranged for roadwork to be done and want you to know what to expect.

Wheeler Rd., Jordan Way West, and Jordan Way East are all receiving seal coat. All other roads are having the cracks sealed. Work will begin soon, weather permitting.

Please be patient and respectful throughout this process. It costs a lot to have road work done and if people drive over it before it sets we have to pay to have it redone.

PLEASE DO NOT remove cones or drive through sections of the Park that are closed with cones or caution tape. It is there for a reason and will be removed as soon as possible. If you damage the road work you will be expected to pay the fees we will be charged to repair any damage you have done.

We know road work is an inconvenience and apologize for problems this creates. There is no other way to provide for the maintenance our roads require.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.