Saturday’s Town Hall Meeting has been canceled/Plowing update

Due to inclement weather, the Town Hall meeting originally scheduled for this Saturday, February 16, has been canceled.  We have tentatively rescheduled the meeting for March 9, weather permitting.  We will post more information as it becomes available.  Please notify your friends/neighbors to help spread the news of this change.

The contractor we hired to plow the roads has been able to go through the park and plow the roads.  He will be back Wednesday to try and widen the roads as they have become narrow due to snow build up alongside the roads.  

 The original problem with our plow has been resolved but another problem has surfaced.  We are having the problem addressed and will have it up and running as soon as possible.  In the meantime we will continue to use the contractor that has been plowing the roads. 

 Please be careful if you drive in the park.   The roads are very slick and the snow has not been removed to the pavement on many of the roads. 

We have heard reports that the berms are 4 feet deep in many areas and they are frozen solid which makes them difficult to remove.  Vehicles cannot park in the roadway.  Please bring chains, even if you have an all wheel or four wheel drive vehicle.  It is also important to drive slowly as there are many places that two cars will not fit.  If you meet a car on the road in those places one will need to back up to allow another to get by.  

 We had people get snowed in this past weekend and were unable to get out due to the snow on the roads.  We have more storms on the way for the upcoming weekend.  If you plan to come up please bring extra food, clothing and medications to sustain you if the conditions of the past weekend occur again.   

 Please watch the forecasts to see the weather conditions.  Our elevation is approximately 5000 feet so monitor reports to determine snow levels.  

 We will do our best to notify you of any other issues that arise.  

 Be safe and enjoy the season. 

 Wanda and the rest of the Sierra Park Services Board of Directors