Shareholder/Board Information

Do you want to become a shareholder?

If you are a property owner and want to become a shareholder the time is now! Being a shareholder allows you to vote on the budget, any “special” assessments, and you can vote for board members.

We are beginning to prepare for the Annual Meeting which will be on May 30th. In accordance with our bylaws,we are going to have a period of time when we will no longer sell stock to allow us to prepare for that meeting. We begin to sell stock again after the Annual Meeting.

If you want to become a shareholder, please download and fill out the Shareholder Certification form and send it to us along with a $10 check made out to the OFSRA. It must be postmarked by April first.

Shareholder Certification/Application – Word

Shareholder Certification/Application – PDF

OSFRA Bylaws

The form asks for APN#s, street address, or lot numbers. This allows us to verify your property ownership and connect you to the correct property. There can only be one shareholder per property. You do not have to have all three identifiers for your property, just one.

Mail the completed form and your check to P.O. Box 293, MiWuk Village, CA 95346.

If you are unsure if you are a shareholder or not please email us and ask.

Over the past years information has been spread through the Park about how shareholders can be personally sued if the company is sued. It is our sincere hope that we will not be involved in litigation moving forward. However, if that were to happen it’s important for everyone to know we are incorporated and that incorporation provides protection to our shareholder’s personal assets during lawsuits. Feel free to search the internet for further information regarding the protection incorporation provides shareholders and their personal assets in California.

If you are interested in running for the Board, please let us know before the 15th of April so we can include information about you in our Annual Meeting Shareholder’s Packet.