Sierra Park Weather Conditions – 1/26/17


 Due to the amount of snow, rain, ice…  in a short period of time (3-4 feet in 72 hours), road clearance has been a challenge. All roads are open at this time; however, due to freezing temperatures every night, the roads are slick and black ice is evident. Even with 4-wheel drive and chains, the going may be tough to get in and out of the Park. Trees have fallen and continue to do so with the ice and freezing temperatures so road clearance continues.

 Also, if owners or guests wish to come up, there is about a 4+ foot berm in front of each property so entry could be difficult.  Vehicles must be kept off of the roadways or they could endanger other drivers trying to get by on some of the smaller roads or impede more road clearance.

 We have also experienced intermittent power outages and  lost phone service since many telephone lines and poles have been damaged and are being worked on. CalTrans and the utility companies are working to fix these problems but intermittent outages may continue.