The Park is in Jeopardy!

This tranquil community’s future is in jeopardy. Unless we take decisive steps together in the coming months, the Forestland and Common Areas that we all enjoy may fall into the hands of private owners that do not share the interests of the Park’s property owners.  

To save the Park, the Odd Fellows Recreation Association and Sierra Park Services Inc. recommend that they join together so that ownership and control of the Park is directly retained by property owners. 

Read “The Park is in Jeopardy” here.

This summary provides background and describes how the Park’s property owners can retain control.   Additional documents related to this issue are located on the 2019 Communications page.  Please check back often for updates.

We welcome feedback and discussion on this recommendation at the upcoming Town-Hall meeting on April 13 th . Endorsement of a final proposal will be requested at the Annual Shareholder Meetings of the OFSRA and SPSC May 25 th and May 26 th 2019.

For those of you that cannot attend, please check our website periodically for updates on the merger, and send comments or questions to