Town Hall Meeting 3/9; Road update


We wanted to remind everyone that we are having a Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, March 9th at 10:00 am, at the Lodge.  The purpose of this meeting is to explore ways of combining the Recreation Association and the Sierra Park Services Corporation in a way that will secure the future of the Park as we have known it.  The weather has improved and we wanted to let all of you know that we are planning to proceed with the meeting on the 9th. 

The roads are currently clear.   There are high berms along side the roads from where the snow was plowed.  Some driveways are blocked with 4 foot berms that will need to be removed before the driveways will be accessible.  Those berms are frozen solid in many areas.  Please do not block the road while digging your way into your property.  Parking in the roadway, even for brief periods of time creates a hazardous situation for anyone driving on the road.  

The most recent storms produced light sprinkles/showers but the precipitation  was minimal compared to the amounts produced in other areas.  It did little to melt our snow pack but it also didn’t add to it.  

Be very careful driving through the Park as the roads will be icy.  Black ice is very deceptive.  Please drive slowly.

There are more storms scheduled for later in the weekend and into next week.  We could have snow or rain depending on the timing of the storm.  Please watch the forecasts.  

The plow has been repaired and is back in the Park.  We have no plans to bring in the plowing service at this point as we do not anticipate needing them.  Robert will plow the roads and we have a backup driver available to relieve Robert as needed.   

We are looking forward to the town hall meeting and want to encourage everyone to attend.