Weather Update – November 27, 2018

We have been watching the forecasts and it appears that snow is on the way.  The next storm is likely to bring snow to the Park so the Board wanted to remind everyone about winter safety in the Park.  

Please bring chains for your vehicles.   We will begin plowing when we have more than 3 inches of snow.  DO NOT PARK IN THE ROADWAY for any reason.  The plow must have a clear path and cannot maneuver around parked vehicles.  If your car is parked on the road we will call to have it towed. 

We will do everything we can to keep the roads open.  We have arranged for backup drivers to run the snow plow as our caretaker cannot work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are times that the roads cannot be kept plowed despite our best efforts.  We had storms last season which dumped more snow than we could stay ahead of.  It is always good to bring extra of whatever you need just in case you have to stay longer than planned.  

The snow plow makes berms at the base of driveways.  It is each property owners responsibility to remove those berms.  We cannot plow your driveway for you.  

We are looking forward to a great winter season and we want everyone to enjoy it.  Please watch the weather forecasts for ongoing information regarding snow storms and snow levels.  I will send out emails regarding road conditions in the park as needed.  

If you have concerns please call our company phone number as the answering service will forward messages to those who need to have them.  The number to call is 209 533-7909.